Onurcan Sahin's

Personal Home Page

Welcome to my personal page.

Here, you will discover an assortment of videos and photographs, each diligently captured and created by me.

These pieces are not just visual displays; they are a testament to my dedication and passion for the craft. Every frame carries with it a narrative, a moment, a sentiment. It has been my privilege to document these instances, and now, my pleasure to present them to you. I trust that as you navigate through this collection, you will appreciate the depth and detail of each work as much as I cherish the process of bringing them to life. Thank you for visiting.

About Me

I am an individual whose heart beats at the crossroads of engineering and imagination, where the structured realm of science meets the boundless sky of creativity. By profession, I am an engineer and scientist, dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of the physical world. However, beyond the equations and technical blueprints, lies my affection for capturing the beauty that envelops us – a passion that has led me down the lanes of photography and videography.

Life’s journey has steered me across various landscapes, with each sojourn adding a new hue to my palette. I have been fortunate to call multiple places home, each location nurturing a different perspective and a novel insight. Though the majority of my visual tales hail from the picturesque vistas of Greece and the historically rich tapestry of Turkey, my collection also treasures memories from an array of global escapades.

Apart from being a shutterbug, I am an avid biker, a hobby that not only fuels my adventurous spirit but often leads me to uncharted terrains, waiting to be captured through my lens. Every ride, every trail unveils a narrative waiting to be told, and I find a profound satisfaction in narrating these stories through my videos and photographs.

This page is a canvas where I paint my interests, hobbies and explorations, distinctly separate from my professional persona. It's a space where I unwind, share a slice of my experiences and delve into the recreational pursuits that color my life. As you stroll through my digital abode, you will not only witness the world through my eyes but also get a taste of the eclectic blend of science and artistry that defines my existence.

So, delve into my narrative, explore the terrains I traversed, and relish the visual stories I have to share.


This part of the page consists of photographs that i have taken. There are also some of my favourite quotes. In the main page there are only 9 but you can access more by clicking the button at the end.


This part of the page consits of aerial videos that i have taken arond Crete with my DJI mavic air 2. All videos are also shared my humble youtube channel called OJS34. In time I will add more videos beside the aerial ones.

Videos are limited by 9 please proceed the channel or click the button to see more.